At KANEI LAB, we create unique experiences.

We have always valued “playfulness” at Kanei Brewery, and now we are taking it to the next level with KANEI LAB. We believe that with playfulness, we can turn the usual into something special that will brighten up your day.

Sake is a product with huge potential to be enjoyed around the globe. Just like producers sampling for beats or DJs creating remixes, we respect the history and traditions of sake while also enriching its characteristics to create a unique experience.

This sake is specially crafted for highball.

A refreshing and mellow taste. In the old ages, all sakes were stored in cedar wood.

Perfectly pitched for highball, we are bringing back that scent for a modern mix. Enjoy the harmony of tradition and modernity with Sake for Highball.

Drink Sake for Highball here

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808 LAB



Cabin Nakameguro

Cabin Nakameguro

東京都中目黒1-10-23 リバーサイドテラス101


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